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Age 18, born in Poland.She modelled for The Hamster as her first assignment.The same time they shot some footage for Afrodite Virtualshop also. They were kind enough to offer their clothes, lingerie, stockings and shoes for the videoshoot. Extremely seductive moves and poses! Like a real snake! This girl is a bomb with her slim, tall figure and a big butt that makes her look like a guitar. Lovers of thong panties will like her especially. And also if you prefer girls with small and perky breasts. You will see enough of them in this video. Also a wet scene showering in skintight shiny black trousers. She's also very sweet and giggly when Hamster interviews her a little spontaniously on the video. And most important of all, she enjoys to show off her gorgeous butt.

Total runtime - 79 min
Runtime - 73 min (Alicia only)
Value added! The total runtime includes 6 min of spicy bonus material of another hot girl.

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