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A summerday in 2003 when I was on a holiday in Sweden, Hamster and I got in contact with this girl Nina through the owner of Afrodite Virtualshop. He was interested to get some pics of her wearing different sexy outfits from his shop and Hamster was already drooling over the presentation pictures of her behind and wanted to film her. I knew that I wanted photos of her to show on my site. I had never taken pics of live models so Hamster was to operate all the cameras but i would also try and take a few photos in an educational way. So this would be a multi purpose trip to the small west coast town. Nina is 23 and quite bomb, as you can see. And she really is a singer in a local hard rock band. When we came to her door (this would be all done in her apartment) she had just showered and was smoking heavily to calm down her nerves. A sign of a girl that has not been much in front of a camera. We began with a cup of coffee and a little chat. She felt a lot calmer when we moved to look at what clothes we had brought. Hamster had already prepared a schedule for the day so we went to work then. The shy girl was gone and into the room stepped a beginner who acted like a pro. I think that Hamster was a bit overexcited now instead. The hours ran fast with switching between videocamera and two still cameras. I tried to help organizing the clothes and staying out of the way. Oh, I actually assisted a little on a scene with some S/M gear. When we were done after five intense and exciting hours she got her well deserved second shower of the day and we got to film the desired shower scene to round up the video. She certainly needed some cooling down as she seemed to enjoy posing for Hamster more and more towards the end. I think Hamster would also have needed a COLD shower. And so will You, when you´ve seen this little girl´s butt from all angles on this nice piece of independent video art.

Total runtime - 78 min
Runtime - 59 min (Nina only)
19 minutes of spicy bonus material of another girl added

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