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Atinna Vol 5

Atinna Vol 5

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The ultimate Atinna video. Almost all of the scenes on this video are shot outdoors. Here are some of those scenes described. Filmed in the beautiful Nordic nature, from the deepest woods to the rockiest coastiles. You've never had servant like me washing your car. Taking a dip in the archipelago during the fabulous "golden hour". Atinna will be teasing you in a bright red, slingshot bathing suit as well as sipping champagne wearing a royalblue, skintight, shiny velour skirt. When the temperature rises in the afternoon, she needs to cool down with shower from a garden hose. But seeing it might make you feel even warmer. It was a hot summer and she spent it outdoors filming for you. Atinna can be pleasing you very soon so don't resist her!

Runtime - 63 min

The video is reviewed by BigButtTV!

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